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June 15, 2011
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Colossus Contest by AdventureGoat Colossus Contest by AdventureGoat
Updated since contest...

This Colossal beast of the Water Plane is a massive mobile ocean. It can crack open vast deserts and expand the water planes.

The beast's translucent skin is extremely resilient and deceives those foolish enough to attack.

Flanking the beast will most certainly result in a quick death, as it's rear legs strike with disturbing speed and accuracy.

-This piece really pushed me to solve a lot of creative problems... New territory for me. I know the bones might suggest the Death Plane, but my intention was always to develop a water creature that I haven't seen before.

I could have chosen a more interesting camera angle, but the silhouette seemed to read best from this angle.

And now that the contest is over, I really want to change the face/mouth... I don't know what I will do, but.... yeah. Weakest element Done! As well as the addition of the palace.
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FOXTROTlore Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
man this is freaking sweet! the only thing is that the village is off somehow. but yeah man badass work!
AdventureGoat Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
Thanks very much.

Regarding the village: It might be that it is too soft, loose and painterly compared to the beast. I tried it to keep the beast as the focal point, but it may be too soft to blend with the rest of the image. Looking at it now, Its values match closer to the beast's rear distant leg. I'll play with it a bit and see :)
Smolin Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Amazing. The transparency is fantastic, and I love the whole skeleton idea in there. Plus the concept itself is freaky-cool. I think the one thing missing from it is a development of the sense of scale: the birds begin to suggest it, but I think it could be sold a little more somehow.
AdventureGoat Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011

Regarding the scale: I really agree, it could be pushed. I started out trying to make a little village, but it didn't really work out in time. Then, after I put in the birds, adding little people just seemed mute.

I think a town/village would help push things. Besides, isn't that what monsters do... Smash innocent little villages!
Acrylicdreams Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Great idea and very well executed!
AdventureGoat Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Thank you:)
greenteagoddess Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Amazing original design!
AdventureGoat Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Thanks for the kind words goddess:)
Connarhea Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Oh God wow! :o
AdventureGoat Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
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